Top designer shines his light on Recair products

The top industrial designer Khodi Feiz has, on request, taken a critical look at the products of Recair. Recair’s recuperators are regarded worldwide as technically second to none and highly innovative. Feiz’s brief is to make their outward appearance consistent with this. The class that is so characteristic of Recair, may also literally be seen.

Khodi Feiz was born in Iran in 1963. In 1986 he graduated in Industrial Design from the Syracuse University (USA). He worked for the Texas Instruments Design Centre (USA) for four years and in 1990 he went to work for Philips Design in the Netherlands. There he showed a wide variety of designs. Khodi Feiz knows no limits. In Eindhoven he gave lessons at the Design Academy. Feiz received various awards and his work is characterised by its purity, elegance and efficiency. No surprise then that Recair also likes to use his insights. Feiz has not rated the heat exchangers from a functional point of view but in terms of their appearance. In his view, this should much more closely match the high-quality and distinctive technology offered here. Feiz’s insights will be implemented in new and existing product lines in the coming years.

This is not the first time that Recair is calling on specialists in specific sectors in relation to new improvements in its products. The technological market leader continues to strive to further perfect its exchangers in terms of reliability, performance, comfort, durability and thus in appearance. We see the drive here in the pursuit of perfection.