The new Recair heat exchanger limits energy consumption and reduces noise

Following lengthy research, Recair has further improved the internal geometry of its heat exchangers. We know that when air flows through a heat exchanger, the pressure of the air decreases. Recair has adjusted the internal geometry of the heat exchanger so that the loss of pressure is 20% lower while achieving the same high effectiveness as before (> 92%). This means that the fans can run at a considerably lower speed and therefore use less kinetic energy. The lower energy consumption of the fans delivers a major benefit. An 80 Watt fan uses approximately 700 kWh of energy every year. Due to the innovation of Recair, this consumption rate can be lowered substantially, which further increases the efficiency of the fan. In addition, we see another positive effect. Since the fan is running far slower, it produces far less noise.

Recair develops heat exchanges with less loss of pressure while maintaining the same effectiveness.